Closed petition PE1853: Introduce a lifeline ferry service from Campbeltown to Ardrossan

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to provide an all year round freight and passenger ferry service from Campbeltown and Ardrossan.

Previous action taken

We have contacted Donald Cameron MSP. We have also submitted two previous petitions in relation to issues with the A83.

Background information

This petition is necessary due to the closure of the A83 and the fact the relief road (the Old Military Road) has also been closed nearly every day since November 2020.

This is resulting in all traffic entering Argyll via this route to be diverted, causing additional expenses and inconvenience to businesses and members of the public.

This situation is not sustainable and we feel that given the ongoing problems at the Rest and Be Thankful and the projected timeframe of 10 years before a permanent solution will be implemented (as per the Strategic Transport Projects Review 2 (STPR2)), the Scottish Government must act as a matter of urgency. We are very concerned regarding the timescale of 10 years currently being advised.

The possibility of commissioning an all year round lifeline ferry service from Campbeltown to Ardrossan should be explored. This service would benefit everyone in Argyll and Bute.

We have campaigned relentlessly on behalf of businesses and constituents in Argyll and Bute for a permanent solution to the A83 Rest and Be Thankful scenario.

Whilst recognising that the Scottish Government has at long last agreed to implement a permanent solution to this problem, the businesses and constituents of Argyll and Bute cannot suffer the continuous cost, uncertainty and upheaval for a further decade.

The proposed ferry service would toned to facilitate both passenger and freight and have road equivalent tariff (RET) rules applied to it.

A ferry service would go a long way to alleviate the extra cost and strain that many businesses and members of the public have suffered and continue to experience due to the unrelenting road closures at the Rest and Be Thankful.

We cannot go on for the next 10 years hoping and praying that landslides at the Rest and Be Thankful will stop.

If implemented, this ferry service would support businesses from within and out with Argyll and Bute and help to sustain our fragile economy by providing a much needed gateway which will open up Argyll and Bute to the rest of Scotland providing continuity and security for all.

  • Created by Councillor Donald Kelly & Councillor Douglas Philand
  • Date closed 10 December 2021

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