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The Scottish Parliament is in recess from 9 October to 24 October 2021 (inclusive).

Please note that you can still submit or sign a petition, however, a response from the clerking team may take significantly longer than usual during this time.

Petitions collecting signatures

  1. Investigate options for removing and reducing the impact of the central Glasgow section of the M8

    Collecting signatures until 25 October 2021

  2. Public Inquiry into the response of religious organisations to allegations of child sexual abuse since 1950

    Collecting signatures until 25 October 2021

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The Citizen Participation and Public Petitions Committee looks at all published petitions whether they collect signatures or not.

Petitions under consideration

  1. Change Scots law to disqualify estranged spouses from making claims on an estate

    Under consideration from 21 October 2021

  2. Funding for council venues

    Under consideration from 14 October 2021

  3. To allow an appeal process for Community Participation Requests

    Under consideration from 13 October 2021

  4. Replace the voting system for the Scottish Parliament with a more proportional alternative

    Under consideration from 12 October 2021

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