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  1. Take Robust Action to Stop Motorcycle Theft

    Collecting signatures until 19 October 2022

  2. Create an online account for parents to manage the 1140 hours of Early Learning and Childcare funding

    Collecting signatures until 19 October 2022

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The Citizen Participation and Public Petitions Committee looks at all published petitions whether they collect signatures or not.

Petitions under consideration

  1. Phase in meat production ban by 2040

    Under consideration from 28 September 2022

  2. Backdate council tax discounts for dementia to the date of GP certification

    Under consideration from 26 September 2022

  3. End the use of Sheriffs Discretion when ruling on civil cases and provide clear legal guidance on division of assets.

    Under consideration from 21 September 2022

  4. Stop motorhomes parking overnight out with formal campsites, caravan parks and Aires.

    Under consideration from 15 September 2022

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