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  1. Ensure fair access to Scottish universities for all residents in Scotland and the UK

    Collecting signatures until 28 March 2023

  2. Review and simplify the legislation in relation to dismissal of property factors

    Collecting signatures until 28 March 2023

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The Citizen Participation and Public Petitions Committee looks at all published petitions whether they collect signatures or not.

Petitions under consideration

  1. Abolish the use of Public Private Partnerships in Scotland

    Under consideration from 20 February 2023

  2. Ensure access to legal aid for people with disabilities

    Under consideration from 13 February 2023

  3. Prohibit reward systems in fast food chains

    Under consideration from 13 February 2023

  4. Withdraw the 'Supporting transgender young people in schools' guidance from Scottish schools

    Under consideration from 2 February 2023

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