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The Scottish Parliament is in recess from 26 June to 29 August 2021 (inclusive).

Please note that you can still submit or sign a petition, however, a response from the clerking team may take significantly longer than usual during this time.

Petitions collecting signatures

  1. Make whole plant cannabis oil available on the NHS or alternative funding put in place

    Collecting signatures until 19 August 2021

  2. Establish a specialist paediatric liver centre in Scotland

    Collecting signatures until 19 August 2021

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The Citizen Participation and Public Petitions Committee looks at all published petitions whether they collect signatures or not.

Petitions under consideration

  1. Full legal protection for hedgehogs and moles

    Under consideration from 27 July 2021

  2. Open all toddler and baby activities within Tier 3 of COVID-19 /future pandemic lockdowns

    Under consideration from 26 July 2021

  3. Remand anyone charged with a sexual offence against a child

    Under consideration from 20 July 2021

  4. Longer sentences for paedophiles and sexual predators

    Under consideration from 20 July 2021

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