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  1. To allow an appeal process for Community Participation Requests

    Collecting signatures until 13 October 2021

  2. Replace the voting system for the Scottish Parliament with a more proportional alternative

    Collecting signatures until 12 October 2021

  3. Access to prescribed medication for detainees in police custody

    Under consideration from 14 September 2021

  4. Conduct a risk benefit analysis prior to providing those under 16 with Covid-19 vaccination

    Collecting signatures until 27 September 2021

  5. Make entering someone’s home without their permission or warrant a crime

    Collecting signatures until 27 September 2021

  6. Reform certain of the procedures for the collection of Council Tax

    Collecting signatures until 27 September 2021

  7. Provide every primary school child in Scotland with a reusable water bottle

    Under consideration from 20 September 2021

  8. Mandatory accountability for Nature Scotland's decision making procedures

    Under consideration from 23 August 2021

  9. Permit a medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD) to be independently reviewed

    Under consideration from 23 August 2021

  10. Introduce legislation to protect Scotland's war memorials

    Under consideration from 23 August 2021

  11. Introduce a law that makes attacks by one dog on another dog a crime

    Under consideration from 19 August 2021

  12. Make swimming lessons a statutory requirement in the primary school curriculum

    Under consideration from 16 September 2021

  13. Find solutions to recruitment and training challenges for rural healthcare in Scotland

    Under consideration from 16 September 2021

  14. Financial support for self-employed people in the travel industry

    Under consideration from 24 August 2021

  15. Full legal protection for hedgehogs and moles

    Under consideration from 27 July 2021

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