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Under consideration PE1868: Support for working single parents

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to provide support to single parents by—
*increasing the council tax discount available to single parents from 25% to 50%; and
*lobbying the UK Government to create a working single parent tax allowance and a household income-based child benefit.

Previous action taken

I have contacted MSPs Rona Mackay, Neil Bibby, Ross Greer and Jamie Greene.

I have also emailed Nicola Sturgeon.

Background information

I believe that single working parents face financial discrimination from the Scottish and UK Governments.

The Scottish Government should make a change to Council Tax, adding ‘Single parent’ to the 'disregarded' list, so that single parents are eligible for a 50% discount. This would help single parents by removing the extra 25% burden they pay from 1 salary vs households with two working parents.

I am also petitioning the UK Government to change income tax and child benefits, to help single parents.

Two working parents can earn more as a household e.g. £40,000 from 2 salaries, and be taxed less, compared to a 'single parent', who earns more as an individual e.g. £25,300, but less as a household. The same situation applies in child benefit eligibility. The availability of a married couple allowance again highlights more discrimination.

I would like the Scottish Government to support my call for a working single parent tax allowance, and to lobby to the UK Government for this.

  • Created by Laura McKain
  • Considered from 17 June 2021

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