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Under consideration PE1870: Ensure teachers of autistic pupils are appropriately qualified

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to introduce legislation requiring teachers of autistic pupils to be appropriately qualified to improve educational outcomes.

Previous action taken

I have contacted MSPs and spoken with education authorities but things have not changed.

Background information

Special conditions apply to the employment of teachers of hearing-impaired and visually impaired pupils. Both require teachers to obtain appropriate qualifications before they can be employed by education authority to teach such pupils.

I would like to petition the Scottish Parliament so teachers who teach children with autism must have an appropriate autism qualification.

I would like special conditions to apply to the employment of teachers of autistic pupils. I would like the education authority to only employ teachers with an appropriate autism qualification to teach pupils with autism.

  • Created by Edward Fowler
  • Considered from 21 June 2021

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