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Under consideration PE1871: Full review of mental health services

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to carry out a full review of mental health services in Scotland to include the referral process; crisis support; risk assessments; safe plans; intergraded services working together; first response support and the support available to families affected by suicide.

Previous action taken

I have contacted my MSP Monica Lennon who raised the issue at first minister questions. I also met with Clare Haughey MSP, then Minister for Mental Health, and raised my concerns.

Background information

My partner Luke Henderson died by suicide in December 2017 after asking for help up to eight times in the week before his death. I feel mental health services and the risk assessment failed Luke in his hour of need.

Luke’s situation is not unique and now families are joining together to push for a fit for purpose mental health service. All these families had someone who tried to access mental health service prior to their deaths and were turned away with no help, resulting in them taking their own life.

With so many people slipping through the crack, we want a fit for purpose mental health service to ensure no other families feel this pain.

The review should also look at the process for people who died by suicide and had been in contact with mental health service within seven day prior to their death and support service for families who lost a loved one to suicide.

  • Created by Karen McKeown on behalf of Shining lights for change
  • Considered from 21 June 2021

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