Closed petition PE1877: Provide body cameras for all frontline NHS staff

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to provide body cameras for all frontline NHS staff and paramedics in Scotland.

Previous action taken

I have contacted Bob Doris MSP who has advised he supports the action called for. I also submitted a similar petition a few years ago.

Background information

Providing body cameras would protect NHS staff and are vital for their security. Frontline staff including paramedics are verbally and physically abused during working hours. Body cameras would be a deterrent to stop this abuse. All other emergency services have these cameras so why not the people that are saving lives.

I believe body cameras would also help staff in relation to data protection issues. Any recordings could help if the NHS is sued by patients or families. It could prove there has been no negligence, being beneficial for NHS lawyers and staff.

Most NHS staff want these body cameras as they believe it would give them a bit of security. There are cameras on houses, streets, in shops, in hospital wards and main hospital buildings. These can help in insurance claims, so why not on the people that are saving lives?

NHS England is going to provide body cameras to frontline staff including paramedics, NHS Scotland should follow.

  • Created by Alex Wallace
  • Date closed 12 June 2024

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