Closed petition PE1880: Introduce awareness and practical experience of litter picking and waste separation into the school curriculum

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to make an appropriate level of daily cleaning part of the curriculum in schools, including litter picking and waste separation.

Previous action taken

We emailed MSPs, contacted schools and councillors, and are involved in regular litter picking.

Our local MSP, John Mason, suggested a petition might help raise the profile of the issue to lift it up the agenda in parliament.

Background information

Keep Scotland Beautiful recently stated that ‘Scotland is facing a potential litter emergency’.

In recent years, anti-littering strategies, campaigns and clean-up activities have just scratched the surface. It is time for a systemic change to properly address the issue and drive a cultural shift in society about littering and respect for the environment.

The Scottish Government recognises the importance of ‘Learning for Sustainability’, and we believe there is an appetite for a curriculum-linked approach.

Such an approach is followed in Japan where cleaning time is part of students’ daily schedule, throughout primary and secondary. It only needs to be 15-20 minutes a day.

If students are responsible for their mess, they are less likely to make it in the first place and will show respect for their surroundings.

Besides making street cleaning almost unnecessary, this cultural shift is essential in the context of waste reduction and recycling to ease the litter emergency. Read more at

  • Created by Calum Edmunds, Susanna Zanatta and Tannith Diggory of Cleanup Glasgow
  • Date closed 19 October 2021

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