Under consideration PE1883: Open all toddler and baby activities within Tier 3 of COVID-19 /future pandemic lockdowns

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to allow baby and toddler activities to be considered equally with other indoor activities in Tier 3 of future lockdowns.

Previous action taken

I have contacted my local MSP Jackie Baillie who sent an email saying she sends her full support for my petition.

Background information

Throughout the pandemic, although we have all suffered, some people will suffer more long term, and personally I don't want that to be our children.

I understand why restrictions need to be in place for the safe opening up of society after a pandemic, but even after a lot of restrictions have been lifted there are still a lot of limitations for young ones.

There are now waiting lists for baby and toddler groups of parents. Young children have been isolated because of the pandemic but also not having access to baby/toddler groups.

I believe that the opening of soft play centres should be considered to be as equal as other indoor activities given that they follow good hygiene guidance and use the track and trace system. In my view, soft play is a safe and healthy activity for child development and activities such as swimming classes are important too.

  • Created by Katrina Clark
  • Considered from 26 July 2021

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