Closed petition PE1886: Establish a specialist paediatric liver centre in Scotland

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to establish a specialist paediatric liver centre in Scotland.

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I have contacted all of my local councillors, my MSP, my MP and the health secretary directly but to date the only replies I get are “I’ll pass this on.”

Background information

A young family member has, to date, been in hospital for most of their life with a liver condition and forced to travel to England repeatedly for prolonged stays to get the care Scotland’s NHS simply doesn’t offer our children.

During such times families face immense mental, physical and financial pressures with minimal assistance from the health board whilst down south.

I believe that there are hundreds if not thousands of Scottish children who also have no other option but to travel hundreds of miles to attend either Leeds, Birmingham or London hospitals for specialist medical treatment, for assessments, treatments and procedures. It is only when they reach adulthood that the NHS in Scotland can offer that care.

Scotland requires its own paediatric liver centre so we no longer have to rely on the NHS in England to help us out when it comes to the health of our own children.

  • Created by Ryan Gowran
  • Date closed 17 November 2021

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