Closed petition PE1892: Introduce a law that makes attacks by one dog on another dog a crime

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to make attacks by one dog on another dog a crime and subject to a penalty requiring the owner to pay a fine and reimburse any expenses related to the incident.

Previous action taken

I have raised this issue with MSP Michelle Thomson which resulted in her holding a meeting with Police Scotland. I also raised the issue with local Falkirk councillor Gordon Hughes.

Background information

I believe that Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010 is there to protect dog owners and does not go far enough and not being adhered to. When a dog is attacked by a dog that has not been controlled by its owner, resulting in a loss of the dog, appropriate action must be taken. The owner should be liable to pay all expenses, including purchasing another dog for the owner who has suffered the loss of a beloved pet. Their dog should be removed from the owner if it is proven that the owner was irresponsible. It is not good enough for it to become the responsibility of a council dog warden who will decide the outcome of the case because outcomes vary from region to region. Dogs must be kept under control effectively and consistently.

  • Created by Evelyn Baginski
  • Date closed 1 July 2022

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