Closed petition PE1897: Reform certain of the procedures for the collection of Council Tax

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to reform those procedures for the collection of Council Tax which apply when a person has difficulty in making payment.

Previous action taken

I wrote to the then leaders of all the main political parties in the including Richard Leonard MSP and Jackie Baillie MSP (Labour); Jackson Carlaw MSP (Scottish Conservatives) and a number of SNP MSPs. I have also written to my own local MSP.

Background information

Council Tax should be fair and just. It is not. For example, if a notice is not received by a person, the Council will simply refer the matter to Sheriff Officers. This results in an adverse entry on their credit record. This is causing real hardship. Those doing their best to pay can run into difficulties (injured; redundant). In any other case a person anticipating such a dispute could raise that issue - but not in relation to Council Tax which is excluded. The Summary Warrant issued is equivalent to a ‘Court Decree’. The powers that Sheriff Officers now have are seemingly limitless. Bank Account arrestment and even bankruptcy. Those going to Citizens Advice Bureau for advice will be offered a form of voluntary bankruptcy known as a Protected Trust Deed (PTD). There has been a 20% jump in these. Reform is needed.

  • Created by Richard Anderson
  • Date closed 1 July 2022

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