Closed petition PE1899: Conduct a risk benefit analysis prior to providing those under 16 with Covid-19 vaccination

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to conduct an inquiry into the risks and benefits of providing Covid-19 vaccinations to those under 16 years old.

Previous action taken

I have sent emails to my MP/MSP to request assistance in this matter, but no action was taken.

I have done a great deal of research on Covid 19 vaccinations and children worldwide.

Background information

Dr Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology utilised in the Covid 19 vaccine development, said that there was "not enough risk benefit analysis for that age group" and that the "CDC advisory group said there is a 'likely link' between rare cases of heart inflammation in that age group and the COVID-19 vaccine"

Additionally, Professor Dingwall, a sociologist at Nottingham Trent University, has previously told MailOnline the risk-benefit for vaccinating children is 'increasingly precarious' as you move down the age groups. He cited a paper in the Lancet showing that people aged five to 17 suffer serious illness from Covid 'very rarely', adding: 'The risk-benefit ratio for vaccination compared with infection becomes increasingly precarious as we move down from 30-year-olds into younger age groups."

I truly believe that more research needs to go into this before vaccinating our precious children.

  • Created by Mary Henderson
  • Date closed 9 November 2021

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