Closed petition PE1905: Public Inquiry into the response of religious organisations to allegations of child sexual abuse since 1950

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to order a public inquiry into the actions taken by religious organisations in response to child sexual abuse allegations since 1950.

Previous action taken

I contacted my MSP about this matter who I believe also spoke to the relevant Government Minister.

Background information

I am a survivor of child sexual abuse. Like many others, when I reported that I was abused, I was failed by people within my church.

I supplied my evidence to the inquiry for England and Wales however, they could not use it as that inquiry didn’t pertain to Scotland. Although there is a Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, it is focussed on investigating the abuse of children in care.

There needs to be an investigation into the response of religious organisations, who were informed about allegations of abuse against children who were not in care. I would like the inquiry to investigate how many victims and how many alleged abusers there were, and what these organisations did to protect the victims.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in England and Wales has just released its report. Scotland now needs its own inquiry.

  • Created by Angela Rosina Cousins on behalf of the UK XJW's Support
  • Date closed 29 May 2024

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