Closed petition PE1909: Remove the "gender-based crime" domestic abuse narrative and make it gender neutral and equal

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to:

1) Make domestic abuse policies, guidance, agendas and practices gender neutral

2) Introduce equal domestic abuse provision and funding for everyone in Scotland - regardless of any protected characteristic

3) Ensure all domestic abuse Joint Protocol guidance, policies and practice for Police Scotland and Crown Office and Prosecutor Fiscal Service are gender neutral.

Previous action taken

I have raised these issues directly with:
Justice Minister, Scot Gov, who simply sent me generic information
My MSP, who has done nothing
My Regional MSP, who is now asking the Government for information on how stats are being collected by Police Scotland for males and females on domestic abuse
My public protection councillor, who has done nothing
My MP, who has done nothing
My councillors, who have done nothing
Police Scotland executive, they blocked me from contact for 12 months.

Background information

The Scottish Government "gender-based crime" narrative for domestic abuse is labelling innocent men; harming them, hurting them, destroying them, and their families too.

From experience the data being captured by police and COPFS on domestic abuse and gender differences is not accurate, does not reflect the reality, and cases are being manipulated by these services to support the Scottish Government’s biased and discriminatory narrative that domestic abuse is a "gender-based crime".

It is dangerous to teach future generations of children that domestic abuse is a gender-based crime in Scotland, putting boys and men at risk and disadvantage.

The narrative enables female abusers to make false and malicious allegations about men, and police continue to fail to hold these abusers accountable for their malice.

The gender-based narrative does not empower women; it empowers female abusers. This does not represent equality. Equality is acknowledging that this crime can happen to "anyone".

  • Created by William Wright
  • Date closed 10 January 2023

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