Under consideration PE1914: Ban school uniforms in secondary schools

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to remove the requirement for school uniforms in secondary schools

Previous action taken

I have contacted Minister for Children and Young People, and they had given me no response

Background information

School uniforms prevent students from expressing their personality and culture.

They're a source of anxiety for low income families; uniforms are expensive and are an unnecessary cost. Students want to be able to dress comfortably, in their choice of style. Uniforms don’t consider weather, and they’re not suitable for all year round.

They are uncomfortable. Concentration is increased when students feel like they’re in a safe environment, and wearing their own clothes is much more pleasant than stiff blazers and itchy skirts.

Uniforms don’t stop judgement from others. Wearing uniforms immediately makes you a representative of the school you’re from. Others can judge you by your school before they’ve even met you. Students shouldn’t just be seen as a representative and part of something bigger. They should be seen as their own person.

Overall, they’re just unnecessary. Wearing their own clothes is something students need, when school is such a stress already.

  • Created by Matthew Lewis Simpson
  • Considered from 30 November 2021

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