Closed petition PE1917: Provide full legal aid to all parents fighting for access to their children

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to provide full legal aid to all parents who are fighting for access to their child/children regardless of their income.

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I have contacted my local councillor and spoken with my MSP and they have advised that I raise a petition with the Scottish Parliament.

Background information

It would reduce mental health issues and suicide rates if we could allow all parents legal aid when fighting for access to their children in courts regardless of their income. Money should not come in-between a child having a relationship with their parents. Parents are having to pay for access contact centers and court fees and unfortunately in some cases when parents run out of money to fight for access to their kids they have sadly ended their own lives. I had over 60 men write their own stories to me about fighting for their kids, struggling to afford court fees and feeling like giving up, all very similar circumstances. Granting legal aid would put an end to this and benefit the next generation.

  • Created by Amy Stevenson
  • Date closed 12 July 2022

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