Under consideration PE1918: Improve sex education in schools

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to reforms sex education by updating guidance and implementing clear teaching rules, focusing on topics such as:
- Menstruation and related illnesses
- Puberty
- LGBT sex, including asexuality
- Fertility
- Pornography
- Any other things that are deemed useful

Previous action taken

I have emailed my MSP and received no response from them.

Background information

I have researched sex education for a year and a half. As a current student I found the education within schools to be lacking and caused me to have to look to YouTube for basic information from sex educators like Hannah Witton. It was there I found information I should have already known from school. There is a big taboo around sex which can cause lots of issues. I've struggled with my periods for years as they are very irregular. I felt very alone and confused because I didn't understand what was happening. It was only after doing research I felt confident enough to go to a doctor where I got diagnosed with PCOS. I surveyed 150 students in my school on a scale of 1-10, most people rated period education at 1-3. I am often shocked by the lack of knowledge many young people have surrounding sex and it needs to change.

  • Created by Kate Freedman
  • Considered from 6 December 2021

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