Under consideration PE1920: Introduce more thorough follow-up care for women with diabetes

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to provide more thorough follow-up care for women with diabetes.

Previous action taken

I have raised this issue with John Mason MSP and Gillian Mackay MSP to discuss further action.
I have been in contact with Maree Todd MSP, the Minister for Public Health, Women's Health and Sport.

Background information

We're calling for the Scottish Parliament to assist in closing the gender healthcare gap for diabetic women in Scotland.

Many women with diabetes feel abandoned by their healthcare team in navigating their diabetes, and there is a lack of research and public education on how diabetes impacts women's health.

Diabetic women are 2.55 times more likely to be diagnosed with a major depressive disorder than non-diabetic women and are more likely to suffer from sexual dysfunction and cardiovascular disease, among other issues.

Women with diabetes often feel as if they have to "wing it" in navigating their diagnosis and have not been made aware of how diabetes can affect certain aspects of their health such as sexual health, menstrual health, and body image. Women's health issues need to be included in the 'essential checks' involved in post-diagnostic screening.

  • Created by Laura Hastings
  • Considered from 20 December 2021

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