Closed petition PE1921: The Scottish Government must confirm that it will not introduce voter ID in devolved elections

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to:

- confirm that it will not introduce voter ID in the devolved Holyrood and local elections in Scotland

- communicate that to Scottish voters.

Previous action taken

I have contacted all my MSPs asking them to oppose voter ID in Scotland. Some did not get back to me, some strongly supported voter ID, and one of the Labour MSPs met with us to discuss actions we could take and highlighted a petition would be a good idea.

Background information

We understand that many MSPs reject the UK Government's plans for mandatory photo ID for voters in General Elections held in Scotland.

Although the UK Government states that ID will curb threat of voter fraud, cases of voter fraud in the UK are minimal, with only two convictions of fraud since 2017.

I believe that voter ID in elections held in Scotland will harm Scottish democracy. The 3.5 million people in the UK do not possess any form of photo ID will be isolated from democracy and access to ID disproportionately impacts marginalised communities. BAME, transgender, disabled, older and homeless people, as well as first time voters, are all less likely to have accepted photo ID. The cost of a free voter identity card for those without ID will cost £180m over 10 years.

Voter ID is an expensive attack on voters and a threat to Scottish democracy.

  • Created by Maddy Dhesi on behalf of Hands Off Our Vote
  • Date closed 1 July 2022

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