Under consideration PE1927: Install CCTV cameras in all additional support needs schools

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to install CCTV into every additional support needs school in the country.

Previous action taken

I have previously petitioned Scottish Parliament in regards to the same matter PE1709. This petition was closed and since then lots of new cases have risen including CCTV footage in England of children being mistreated within these schools. I have spoken to all 74 councillors in North Lanarkshire, I’ve had conversations with old MSP as well as new one in post, I have discussed this with MP, I’ve complained to almost every government body possible.

Background information

My family member was badly injured due to being restrained on a concrete floor for 1 hour 20 mins and placed in a seclusion room. They are severely disabled and very vulnerable. They were admitted to hospital with their injuries and staff stated they had never seen anything like it. Unfortunately, my family member was not able to tell police exactly what happened and there was a very bad first investigation, which I complained about.
A second investigation took place where staff were charged with culpable and reckless conduct. I believe that disabled children are being left with no safeguards in place and only the words of staff being listened to in these horrendous situations.
There has been a huge increase of injuries to children within schools especially those who use restraint and seclusion rooms. These children often are unable to tell their parents/carers exactly what’s happened

These should be the safest of place to nurture, encourage and make our children and families feel comfortable. Camera footage should only be used for investigation purposes.

  • Created by Claire Mooney
  • Considered from 8 March 2022

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