Under consideration PE1931: Improve the R100 rollout by prioritising properties who currently have speeds of less than 5 Mbps

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to prevent digital exclusion for rural properties and their households by giving priority in the R100 programme to properties with internet speeds of less than 5 Mbps.

Previous action taken

Written to my MSP and MP.
I have had an article published in the local newspaper explaining the problems.

Background information

I live in a property which lies 800 m from fibre. We applied for a community partnership which quoted over £100000 for 6 houses. We are connected by copper back to box number 3 which in turn is connected to Lhanbryde exchange by copper.

Last year a new cabinet was installed on the B9103. This meant running fibre less than 1 metre away from cabinet number 3. The fibre runs down the B9103 and under the minor road to Scotstonhill. This is 800m to my property.

We are apparently not in the scope for fibre or even a new cabinet at the junction to the Scotstonhill road, yet properties who already have speeds of 70 Mbps are being upgraded to 900 Mbps.

This is digital exclusion. Rural households should have fair access to the internet supplier market rather than being restricted to expensive alternative solutions.

Vouchers provide only expensive solutions and don't allow households fair access to the whole internet provider market, again exclusion.

  • Created by Ian Barker
  • Considered from 4 April 2022

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