Collecting signatures PE1936: Remove potholes from Scotland’s roads

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to improve road surfaces by:
• Creating an action plan remove potholes from trunk roads across Scotland; and
• Providing ring-fenced funding to local Councils to tackle potholes.

Previous action taken

I have raised the issue with my MSP Stuart McMillan.

Background information

Health and safety should be paramount and yet there are huge holes on our roads throughout the country. There is no respect for human life and no respect for our property. Please deal with the pothole plague in a decent way and stop doing partial repairs which make things even worse and leave stones all over our carriageways.

Potholes cause accidents, putting lives and property at risk. They cause severe damage to cars, and other means of transport. When riding a bike it is hard to miss them and that is simply not acceptable.

  • Created by Lesley Roberts
  • Collecting signatures until 9 June 2022 Petitions can collect signatures for a maximum of 4 weeks

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