Under consideration PE1937: To give children the respect they deserve by providing options for privacy when changing for P.E

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to to implement the option across all schools for primary school children to wear their P.E kit to school on the days they have P.E.

Previous action taken

I have contacted Humza Yousaf who agreed the current policy is outdated. I have also raised this issue with the previous and current head of education at Glasgow City Council.

Background information

Some schools brought the option to wear P.E. kit to school into play during COVID but have since reverted back. A lot of primary schools make children undress to their underwear in-front of the rest of the (mixed gender) class, and teacher. Whilst they encourage self respect, privacy and being aware of your body? Such a contradiction.

My family member had met their teacher once after going back to school after covid. They were asked to strip down to their underwear in order to participate in P.E. I teach them about privacy and being aware of THEIR body. My family member refused to do this for obvious reasons and was told that ‘all the kids can’t just go to the toilet to change’. I contacted my family member’s school who agreed and changed their policy.

From there I put a message of concern on social media, the response I received was phenomenal and from that point I knew there needed to be change.

  • Created by Gillian Lamarra
  • Considered from 17 May 2022

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