Under consideration PE1940: Permit Nest Protect as a valid system under new Fire and Smoke Alarm law

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to permit Nest Protect as a valid system under the new Fire and Smoke Alarm law coming into force in February 2022.

Previous action taken

I have contacted Ben MacPherson MSP about this, but have been left unclear as to the validity of the Nest system.

I also have contacted Nest/Google to see if they can disable the Carbon Monoxide and Smoke detectors in any Nest Protect which has been marked as being located in a Kitchen. However, they do not appear to be interested, presumably because Scotland is not a big enough market for them. They also say they have no plans to release a standalone heat sensor.

Background information

The Scottish Government website at https://www.gov.scot/publications/fire-and-smoke-alarms-in-scottish-homes states:

"Please note that the Nest Protect System will not meet the standard. This is because they do not meet the requirements for a heat alarm under the relevant British Standard. British Standard (BS 5839-6:2019) states that only heat alarms should be installed in kitchens."

Nest Protect does have a heat alarm. It just also happens to have a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector built in too. If these cause very few false alarms, why can't the system be allowed?

I have had the Nest Protect system installed in my property for over 7 years, which included a Protect in the kitchen. Within this time, I have had very few false alarms. If owners of Nest Protects are prepared to put up with any false alarms triggered by sensors in the kitchen (and let’s face it, these would only ever be when people are awake/cooking, not when they are asleep or out of the house), then the system should be accepted as-is.

  • Created by Campbell Wild
  • Considered from 20 June 2022

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