Under consideration PE1941: Stop the destruction of headstones within community cemeteries.

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to call on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to monitor and regulate actions taken by Local Authorities when undertaking their statutory duty of ensuring Health & Safety within our cemeteries.

Previous action taken

Oliver Mundell MSP has been contacted. We have also highlighted the overzealous actions taken by sub contractors acting on behalf of our Local Authority. We have brought this destruction to the attention of the Ombudsman and lodged small claims seeking the cost of repair and reinstatement of damaged headstones.

Background information

As an elected member to the local authority, I have been approached by many family members regarding headstones that have now been dismantled and either left lying on the ground or dug into the lair, leaving many names unreadable and exposed to erosion from the grounds moisture. I have challenged the council officers, who claim that this is Scottish Government policy that they are carrying out. I am now told the council intends to continue with the unlawful destruction of headstones within a B-listed cemetery without planning consent, community consent, and family members’ consent, all of which is emotionally distressing for the 14 families affected.

The Scottish Government should ensure a properly funded maintenance and repair policy is in place and is carried out instead of the present destruction of headstones left lying on the ground or dug into the lair.

  • Created by Cllr Andrew Stuart Wood
  • Considered from 30 May 2022

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