Under consideration PE1943: Help prevent the destruction of greenfield sites by providing financial incentives towards the remediation and reuse of brownfield sites.

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to introduce financial support mechanisms which would enable local authorities to work alongside developers in bringing brownfield sites back into use, while also discouraging developments on greenfield land.

Previous action taken

I review and comment on planning applications, highlighting where proposed development is contrary to the local authority’s Local Development Plan (LDP). I have also raised this issue in consultations with local councillors and MSPs.

Background information

A housing crisis undoubtedly requires action. New affordable homes which immediately become less attractive to developers because profit is key are the main driving factor for greenfield development. Developers regularly look to develop sites which will require minimal cost and effort on their part. Brownfield sites, be it due to contamination, clearance, unstable ground, pose many challenges, which can be very expensive to remediate.

As a result, greenfield sites are regularly targeted and developed; further reducing greenfield land, including the quality and availability of green space within towns and villages. Children are growing up in areas with less greenspace in which they can walk, play and explore. Natural habitats are being destroyed leaving wildlife displaced, and several other issues, such as flooding, and congestion due to lack of infrastructure, are being exacerbated as a result.

In England in 2022, grants were introduced to allow local authorities to contribute to the remediation of brownfield land. Not only does this stop sites which are unsightly, and in some cases dangerous, becoming detrimental to the village/town which they are in, it also reduces the risk of unnecessary destruction of greenfield/greenbelt land. The Scottish Parliament needs to address this now.

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  • Considered from 3 August 2022

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