Under consideration PE1945: Ban the extraction and use of peat for horticulture and all growing media by 2023

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to place a legal ban on the extraction of peat, peat imports, exports, and sales in order to protect peatlands both in Scotland and worldwide.

Previous action taken

I have emailed Mairi McAllan, Minister for Environment and Land Reform about this issue. Sandra Carey of the Peatlands and Land Quality Team in the Scottish Government replied but was unable to confirm that a ban on peat would go ahead.

Background information

Protecting peatlands are vital in addressing the climate and nature emergency. Peatlands store vast amounts of carbon, reduce flooding and support unique biodiversity. The Scottish Government’s investment in peatland restoration is undermined by continued peat extraction and use of peat in horticulture. Decades of voluntary measures have failed. A legal ban on horticultural peat imports and sales is urgently needed. We welcome the Government’s pledge to ‘ban the sale of peat related gardening products’ but ask that this is reinforced by a 2023 deadline. Peat-free compost materials include: green waste, coir, wood, wool, bracken, comfrey, manure. A ban on peat by 2023 will help Scotland benefit from the economic opportunities of sustainable industries.

The Government should immediately review all peat extraction licences. All growing media must be peat-free by the end of 2023, at the latest.

  • Created by Elizabeth Otway
  • Considered from 8 August 2022

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