Under consideration PE1959: Tackle Scotland’s affordable housing crisis

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to take action to improve the current housing crisis by:

  • Merging housing associations and local council housing; and

  • consider introducing a new right to buy scheme for council tenants.

Previous action taken

I have contacted the Scottish Government and received a response outlining their commitments to delivering affordable homes that are available for social rent.

Background information

I propose that the Scottish Government should consider the following steps to improve the current housing crisis:

  • Housing Associations are merged with Council Housing. This could help more council homes become available and would be a major, first step in battling what is, in some areas, a significant housing crisis. In fact, I suggest this would see 76,307 Council Homes being built by 2034.

  • Creation of a new right to buy scheme. This could be set up in a way which allows council tenants the opportunity to make one final payment of between £10,000 - £20,000 to buy their home from the council if they have lived in the property for 10 or more years.

Using the average rent prices in Scotland from 2020-21, which is £75.76 per week, and then adding on the £10,000 - £20,000 final payment, would produce affordable house prices in the region of £46,364.80 to £56,364.80 per home (based on a tenant paying rent every 4 weeks).

  • Created by Amber Roberts
  • Considered from 8 September 2022

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