Under consideration PE1962: Stop motorhomes parking overnight out with formal campsites, caravan parks and Aires.

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to improve licensing enforcement on motorhomes to ensure they are only parking in designated and regulated locations.

Previous action taken

There have been several emails between ourselves and Maree Todd, our local MSP, as well as emails with various people within the highland council. All of which have not managed to solve the issue.

Background information

We believe that motorhomes that choose not to use campsites, caravan parks or Aires (small-scale designated campsites with only basic facilities) place an unnecessary burden on local communities by parking inappropriately, disposing of their rubbish, chemical toilet and dirty water as well as defecating at the side of the road. Regulated parks offer all these facilities in one safe location. Motorhomes often park in an unsafe manner, where regulated parks are required to keep motorhomes 6m apart for fire risk (motorhomes use LPG), Unregulated parking places them much closer together and is a disaster waiting to happen.

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code does not apply to motorised vehicles and motorhome users who must have the permission of the landowner before parking overnight. This almost never happens. Although there is much documented evidence of motorhomes parking in adverse spots across the Scotland, enforcement is not being implemented to stop this happening.

  • Created by Lynn & Darren Redfern
  • Considered from 15 September 2022
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