Closed petition PE1963: Phase in meat production ban by 2040

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to phase in a ban on meat production in Scotland between 2030 and 2040, to coincide with anticipated changes to future food production and consumption.

Previous action taken

I sent a letter to every member of the Scottish Parliament in April 2022, I received two replies, one from my constituency MSP and a reply from another MSP. Both MSPs have similar sentiments with regard to food sustainability and a need for change, one MSP who sits on the RAINE committee broadly agreed with the content of my letter and proposal, the other MSP agreed on certain issues but was uncertain about a ban on meat.

Background information

We in Scotland need to look at the system behind how food gets to our plates. This includes growing, farming, fishing, processing, consumption and the sentience of the animals in that food system.

The U.N and W.H.O have begun implementing a global educational and practical initiative towards a global plant-based diet. This is primarily based upon the need for sustainable global food supplies for the global population, protection of the environment and all animals for 2040 – 2050.

Here in Scotland, myself and many others support a phased in ban on meat for 2030-2040, which also reduces the environmental impact of the livestock food system. Scotland should achieve healthy dietary goals by 2030 – 2040 and, amongst other dietary priorities, this includes the phasing out of meat consumption.

Scotland has time to consider agricultural alternatives for 2030 - 2040.

A detailed letter sent to all MSPs, including weblinks, can be located on my website:

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