Closed petition PE1966: Formally recognise and incorporate local knowledge in Scottish Government policy

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to formally recognise local knowledge and ensure it is given full consideration alongside scientific knowledge throughout consultation, decision-making processes and in policy development, specifically within the conservation arena.

Previous action taken

Following the successful online Rural Workers Protest #RWP21 an email was sent to The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon on 24.3.21 requesting cognisance of local knowledge. The response received ignored the full conceptual understanding of local knowledge per se.

Ongoing discussions with Scottish Government representatives and Nature Scot regarding the new biodiversity strategy currently under development and the role of local knowledge in safeguarding biodiversity and climate change mitigation.

Background information

Local knowledge prevents biodiversity loss, contributes towards climate change mitigation, the economy and well-being of Scotland’s people.

Local knowledge is recognised within the Convention on Biodiversity and Malawi principle 11: 'The ecosystem approach should consider all forms of relevant information, including scientific and indigenous and local knowledge, innovations and practices'.

Local knowledge, the unique skill-set and pragmatism, often acquired over generations, which provides an invaluable toolkit including wildfire mitigation, peatland restoration and species management, contributes to the health of Scotland’s unique habitats and biodiversity.

The Scottish Government have previously funded initiatives that include local knowledge: ‘Understanding predation’ and ‘Working for Waders.’

The incorporation of local knowledge within Scottish Government policy is in the interests of social justice; statutory incorporation would help to address conflict, avoid structural discrimination and marginalisation and contribute towards positive outcomes for biodiversity.

  • Created by Scottish Gamekeepers Association
  • Date closed 26 June 2024

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