Collecting signatures PE1970: Create an online account for parents to manage the 1140 hours of Early Learning and Childcare funding

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to reform the funding model of the 1,140 hours of Early Years Learning and Childcare to allow parents direct control of childcare funding via an online account.

Previous action taken

We have written to and continue to engage with multiple Government and opposition MSPs, as well as the First Minister, the Cabinet Secretary for Education, and the Minister for Children and Young People on multiple occasions. We have written to and maintain contact with the MSPs on the Education Children and Young People Committee, and we are members of the Cross-Party Group on Children and Young People.

Background information

An online account would allow parents to pay a standardised rate of funding, as set by the Scottish Government, directly to their choice of registered and regulated childcare providers regardless of the ownership model of that childcare. The Government funds each council an amount of money for the 1140 hours of Early Learning and Childcare to be provided in their area. Councils contract with private nurseries and childminders (partner providers) in their area.

The Scottish Government sets guidelines for councils to follow to work out how much to pay partner providers. It is then up to each council to determine the hourly rate for partner providers for each eligible child in their area.

Councils are in a tough position – they have to fund their own nurseries, as well as work out how much to pay to their partner providers. It’s logical that a council will make sure their own nurseries are properly funded and then pay whatever is remaining to the partner providers. In our view councils shouldn’t be a childcare provider as well as a funder of partner providers. Our proposal makes it simpler and fairer for families to choose where their funding goes.

  • Created by Sharon Fairley on behalf of the Scottish Private Nursery Association
  • Collecting signatures until 19 October 2022 Petitions can collect signatures for a maximum of 4 weeks

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