Closed petition PE1971: Take Robust Action to Stop Motorcycle Theft

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to increase the actions available to help prevent and reduce motorcycle theft by:

  • Empowering police to pursue and tactically engage thieves; and

  • Reviewing sentencing policy to allow the courts to implement tougher punishment for those convicted of motorcycle theft, including the use of mandatory custodial sentences for those carrying weapons or groups who threaten individuals with violence.

Previous action taken

I have previously written to the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Keith Brown MSP, and the Minister for Trade, Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise, Ivan McKee MSP, requesting robust action be taken.

Background information

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of motorcycles stolen from owners in our cities, with Edinburgh being particularly affected. In my view, the present police policy not to pursue or engage means that the perpetrators can continue with impunity.

In Edinburgh, a number of foreign tourists have had bikes stolen outside hotels. Riders groups across Europe are now advising their members to avoid Edinburgh, which apart from being damaging to our local economy, reflects badly on our country's reputation.

In other instances, attempts have been made to hijack riders, where riders have been threatened with violence or pushed off their bikes by groups of thugs. This is of concern for vulnerable women and young riders, many of whom work in jobs involving late night shifts and rely on their motorcycle as their only means of travel. The measures we request are used successfully by other UK Police forces.

It is time to put the safety of the public before the interests of the thieves.

  • Created by Kenneth Clayton on behalf of Motorcycle Action Group
  • Date closed 20 December 2023

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