Collecting signatures PE1972: Allow Assisted Dying for people with long-term mental illness and consenting capacity

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure all future legislation on assisted dying includes provisions for access to assisted dying for anyone of adult age suffering from a long-term mental illness, and/or who has compelling philosophical reasons for wanting to terminate their lives, provided they:

  • have sought psychological or psychiatric assistance, which resulted in no change to their condition; and

  • continue to have consenting capacity.

Previous action taken

I have contacted Liam McArthur MSP to suggest amending his Proposed Assisted Dying for Terminally Ill Adults (Scotland) Bill.

Background information

I believe that any change in the law in Scotland to allow assisted dying should include those suffering with incurable mental health issues. They should be allowed to make a case to end their own life due to the mental suffering they have to endure - which can be just as torturous and painful as any physical condition.

Many people travel abroad to end their lives in a controlled environment. It is imperative that we allow those who are fully aware, and understand what they are asking, to be granted the wish to die with dignity here in Scotland.

I have been very vocal & public about my own situation on this matter. I have currently decided to travel to Belgium to undertake an assisted suicide, where this has been legal for nearly two decades like several other European countries. I would like Scotland to come in line with the progressive policies of other countries and the ECHR.

I know so many people in the same situation as me who don’t have the means to travel. People seeking a humane end to their lives are therefore forced to suffer in silence. They should be allowed to end their own lives on their terms. This should be an option so that people don’t feel the need to make dangerous suicide attempts with often tragic consequences for all. I wish the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government to consider this element in any future legislation on assisted dying.

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