Closed petition PE1974: Adopt the A890 as a trunk road

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to adopt the A890 as a trunk road, and to resolve the safety problems associated with the Stromeferry Bypass.

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I have contacted Rhoda Grant MSP for advice.

Background information

As highlighted in the Annual Slope Inspection Report of 2021, "the A890 serves as the main link-road down the west coast of Scotland and is also a significant transit for east to west traffic travelling between the Isle of Skye and Inverness." The road is mainly single carriageway but frequently reduces to single track with passing places along the stretch between Attadale and Ardnarff. There has been a history of rock falls at the site since the road was opened, which continue to occur, posing a risk to the road and its users.

The Highland Council have undertaken feasibility studies into two alternatives to the Stromeferry Bypass. One is a bridge between North and South Strome and the other a new bypass route through Glen Udalain.

The existing road is the route taken daily by school buses, and there have been many days of education lost due to closures.

In 2012, the estimated cost of the Glen Udalain route was £23 million and that of the Bridge was £60 million. This level of funding can only come at a government level. The A890 has to be adopted by the Scottish Government for improvements to happen.

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