Closed petition PE1977: Require social services to inform biological fathers of concerns about their children

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to amend the law and update the National Guidance for Child Protection to require social services to inform biological fathers of concerns about their children

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I contacted David Torrance MSP for help.

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So many kids have died in horrendous circumstances. Currently social services are not required to inform biological fathers/families about concerns within the child's home.

In my family’s experience, social work had been involved for a few months before we were made aware of the concerns. When we asked why we hadn’t been informed sooner, my family were told it was none of our business as the original concern related to another child living in the same household.

I have also become aware of situations where fathers were not informed of child welfare concerns and are now fighting to have their children released from foster care.

How many more kids such as Brandon Muir, Liam Fee or Logan Mwangi must die? Recently, in England, Logan Mwangi’s father stated the situation could have been different if he knew his son was at risk of harm.

We must put a stop to children being left in harmful situations. By introducing this requirement on social services, fathers will be provided with the opportunity to fully exercise their parental rights and responsibilities.

  • Created by Helen Duncan
  • Date closed 20 September 2023

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