Closed petition PE1980: Adopt the A832 between Achnasheen and Gorstan as a trunk road

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to adopt the A832 between Achnasheen and Gorstan as a trunk road, connecting this route into the existing trunk road network.

Previous action taken

I have contacted Rhoda Grant MSP for advice on this matter, as well as in relation to petition PE1974, which calls for the adoption of the A890 as a trunk road.

Background information

The A832 links the A890 and the A835, completing the west to east road system.

If the A890 is trunked, as requested in petition PE1974, then the A832 between Achnasheen and Gorstan should also be adopted as a trunk road by the Scottish Government. Doing so would provide a trunk road connection between the A87 and the A835 trunk roads.

Adopting these routes as trunk roads could transform connectivity between the West and East coast, bringing social and economic benefits at both local community and national levels.

  • Created by Derek Noble
  • Date closed 1 May 2024

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