Under consideration PE1990: Introduce a Scottish Parliament question session for young people

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to request the introduction of a monthly chamber session to allow young people to put questions to the First Minister and her cabinet.

Previous action taken

I have written to my MSP Jackie Dunbar to raise the issue and ask for her views. She has since responded and mentioned that Cabinet Ministers are really busy, which may prevent them from meeting with young people. However, I have seen a young person’s First Ministers Question Time done in the past, so I think my petition still has a standing ground.

Background information

The Government have a very good track record of saying they care a lot about Children & Young People. However, during the course of the pandemic we have seen this to be far from true. Thousands of children and young people still live in poverty and hundreds are walking the streets due to homelessness - the list goes on! The least the Scottish Government can do is give young people the chance to put questions to them.

Young People are the future! In 15/20 years from now, young people will be running the country and making the decisions. Right now the political landscape has many significant priorities. We need certainty. Our MSPs can’t give us time, so how do we ensure our voices are heard? We shouldn’t have to hide behind a 3rd party organisation to be heard!

We have seen FMQ’s done before by so there is no reason why the Government and organisations cannot partner up and do this type of thing again.

  • Created by Jordon Anderson
  • Considered from 29 November 2022

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