Under consideration PE1994: Review the trial process for sexual offence cases

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to undertake a review of the trial process and handling of witness evidence in sexual offences cases.

Previous action taken

I contacted David Torrance MSP.

Background information

The laws this government have brought in to protect the victim are long overdue but it has swung way over the other way, which is leading to more convictions. This has ruined a lot of innocent people’s lives as the accused lawyers have been told their evidence is irrelevant and cannot be used.

There are lots of stories of medical reports being classed as not admissible to witness statements being taken but not used. People are told again that it’s not relevant and it is only the accused evidence this is happening to.
The law should be seen to be fair for all but it is not. The Scottish Government’s new laws are being blamed for it by the legal aid court lawyers.

  • Created by Margaret Fagan
  • Considered from 15 December 2022

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