Collecting signatures PE2005: Formal response to the annual Adoption Barometer Report in Scotland

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to formally respond to the annual Adoption Barometer Report undertaken by Adoption UK.

Previous action taken

I have engaged with my MSP Paul Sweeney who has been very supportive of a petition.

I have also spoken with Minister for Children and Young People, Clare Haughey, to advocate for the Scottish Government to prepare a formal written response to the Adoption Barometer.

Background information

The Adoption Barometer is an annual snapshot of the state of adoption in the UK and is the only comprehensive account of the lives of adoptive families across the UK and the policies and practices that affect adopted people and their families.

It contains invaluable findings and recommendations for the Scottish Government which, if implemented, could significantly improve the lives of adoptive families and children waiting to be adopted.

It shows the resilience and determination of adoptive families to reach for the very best for their children, but also details the challenges and barriers they face along the way.

The Adoption Barometer report ( contains invaluable insights and recommendations for national governments in a range of areas pertinent to adoption including the approvals and matching process; support for newly placed and established adoptive families; and relationships with birth parents.

The Adoption Barometer is professionally designed, delivered and presented and is the only report of its kind.

It warrants a formal written response from the Scottish Government detailing whether they accept the findings and recommendations and their policy response.

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