Under consideration PE2006: Review and simplify the legislation in relation to dismissal of property factors

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to amend the Property Factors (Scotland) Act to cover dismissal of property factors or bring forward other regulations that would achieve the same aim. This could include giving the First Tier Tribunal powers to resolve disputes related to the dismissal of property factors.

Previous action taken

I have contacted Rona MacKay MSP and brought the matter to the attention of the Minister for Public Finance, Planning and Community Wealth.

Background information

I am the Chair of my local Residents Association (RA) of an estate of 860 privately owned properties. After many years of dissatisfaction, the RA ran a vote to dismiss our factor. In our opinion, the motion was passed in alignment with the deeds for the estate.

Subsequent to this, the factor appointed a legal firm who challenged the vote on the basis that 38 (of 860) properties were tenanted in the estate and the RA could not provide evidence the tenant had passed the voting paper to the owner. The First-tier Tribunal confirmed they could not decide on this matter as it involved interpretation of deeds and proposed seeking a decision in a civil court. If the factor is correct, this would appear to set a precedent, making it very difficult to replace a factor in Scotland.

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