Collecting signatures PE2009: Ensure fair access to Scottish universities for all residents in Scotland and the UK

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure fair access to Scottish universities for residents in Scotland and the UK by reviewing university business models and Scottish Government funding arrangements.

Previous action taken

I have written to my MSP, Michael Marra who raised a question at FMQs. I was not satisfied with the answer.

Background information

Information published by Edinburgh University showed that 9 courses including Scots Law did not admit any students in Scotland from backgrounds that were not classified as “deprived’. A poor business model and a lack of funding has meant that a large swathe of the Scottish population have been shut out of Higher Education. The Scottish Government should ensure that funding constraints or other factors do not result in discrimination against any group or demographic. I would like the Scottish Government to properly consider this and how it could be addressed.

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