Under consideration PE2014: Revert to the appeals system used in 2022 for SQA exams

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to implement a revised SQA appeals process which takes into account evidence of the pupil’s academic performance throughout the year, particularly prelim results.

Previous action taken

I have contacted my local MSP Oliver Mundell to highlight the concerns of school pupils about changes to the appeal system.

Background information

Because of the continued effects of the pandemic on teacher and pupil attendance as well as the difficulties we continue to face as a consequence of the break in our education in 2020 and 2021, it is incredibly unjust to take away the support mechanism of appeals as they were carried out in 2022. The strike action being taken by teachers also means more lost days in our education.

A feature of Scotland’s education system is equity, yet the changes to the appeals process in 2023 will lead to very unequal outcomes. Any pupil who is going through tough times will be judged on one day rather than the work completed across the year.

Also, because of the withdrawal of assignments in many subjects, we will be the only generation judged solely on our performance on one day. This would appear to go against the principles of an education system that purports to value the whole child.

  • Created by Elliott Hepburn on behalf of Moffat Academy students
  • Considered from 3 April 2023
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