Under consideration PE2020: Provide fertility treatment to single women.

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to provide the same fertility treatment to single women, as is offered to couples on the NHS for the chance to have a family.

Previous action taken

I have contacted MSPs; MPs; the NHS; private doctors; private sperm banks; newspapers; radio stations; and local authorities.

Background information

I am a single 36 year old woman. I have been trying to fight this cause for a number of years at the detriment of my own age and fertility abilities. I'm hopeful to be a mother and know thousands in my position who cannot safely find a donor. This needs to be actioned for safe and kinder support to women seeking to become mothers.

There is an appearance of absolute discrimination here against single people wanting a family, creating a huge risk to women, men and babies’ health and safety if they are left to find street sperm donors from among the general public.

At the time of publishing, 574 signatures have been gathered through a separate petition on Change.org.

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  • Considered from 12 April 2023
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