Under consideration PE2023: Stop the Deposit Return Scheme

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to stop the introduction of the 20p deposit for consumers and the rollout of the Deposit Return Scheme

Previous action taken

I have written to all MSPs.

Background information

Introducing the Deposit Return Scheme will, in my view, increase the cost to the consumer, either through increasing the cost of the product or as a result of Scottish Government payments to retailers or producers, that are funded by the taxpayer.

50% of containers are recycled, and to get that to 90% the Scottish Government should deal with those who don’t recycle instead of punishing those who do.

This is punishment of the majority who recycle everything. I will have to store all my containers and drive additional journeys to recycling centres, complete madness. People can’t even crush their cans because the barcode will have to be readable.

  • Created by Jim Foster
  • Considered from 25 April 2023
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