Under consideration PE2041: Exempt community healthcare staff from parking charges

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to encourage local authorities to exempt staff working at community healthcare facilities and who don’t have access to free on-site staff parking from on-street parking charges and allow them to care for vulnerable and sick people in our country without it costing them thousands of pounds per year.

Previous action taken

I have contacted my local MSPs.
I have also contacted NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and local councillors.

Background information

I work alongside nurses, social workers, health visitors, doctors, admin staff, cleaners and other vital staff within a community health building, which is surrounded by parking meters. Parking charges have increased dramatically to £6 per hour. This means staff pay £48 when working an eight-hour shift. Working a 5 day week, this comes to around £11,520 per year – equivalent to nearly half of the salary of some staff.

We are living through a cost-of-living crisis.

We clapped for our emergency workers, we cheered them on through a pandemic, but now the council and government charge them to care for sick, elderly, and vulnerable people. Community staff need to use their cars but are being punished financially for carrying out their roles. A simple solution would be to provide permits exempting them from charges.

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  • Considered from 3 August 2023
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