Under consideration PE2044: Recommit the £26 million pledged to colleges in the 2023/24 budget

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to reinstate the £26 million pledged to colleges in the 2023/24 budget.

Previous action taken

I have contacted John Swinney MSP, Pete Wishart MP and Graeme Dey MSP.
I received a letter from John Swinney who is raising my concerns with Graeme Dey.

Background information

Colleges are deeply disappointed that the funding has been retracted, and they are having to make cuts to courses and staff due to a lack of funding. This is not a lack of ambition from colleges or demands from students or employers.

Numerous Ministers and Cabinet Secretaries had repeatedly assured the college sector and Scottish Parliament that this funding was coming. Yet only 5 months after this was announced (in December 2022) it was withdrawn (in May 2023).

Colleges are needed more than ever now to mitigate poverty in communities across Scotland, providing a lifetime opportunity for people to be able to create a future in the workforce and add to the economy.

Removing funding previously promised to colleges is most definitely the wrong approach to delivering any of these ambitions.

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  • Considered from 5 September 2023
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