Under consideration PE2055: Stop the exportation of live animals as a priority

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to stop the exportation of live animals from Scotland to any country as a matter of priority and until such time, ensure that:

  • animals are treated humanely during transit; and

  • where animals are to be slaughtered after arrival, this is done in a humane manner and to a high standard.

Previous action taken

I have written to my MSP, Siobhian Brown, regarding the export of live animals. She made it very clear what the UK Government had not done (as in abandoning the Kept Animals Bill) but I feel that since this is a devolved issue, the Scottish Government should be taking action.

Background information

Refrigerated containers can carry large numbers of chilled and humanely slaughtered animals, making the need for live exports unnecessary. Compassion in World Farming, the RSPCA and PETA have serious concerns about animal welfare during and after export. Under Section 19 of the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006, animal cruelty is an offence. These organisations all have a similar story to tell. Sadly, many animals die in transit.

“In many countries animal welfare legislation is utterly inadequate and exported animals may face terrible suffering on farms or at slaughter at their destination.”

Animals “are transported hundreds or even thousands of miles only to be killed on arrival - or fattened and then killed. These long-haul journeys cause extreme mental and physical distress as animals are crammed into lorries or shipping vessels with little room to move. Stood in their own waste, they may suffer hunger, dehydration, injuries & stress from the extremes of heat & cold”.

  • Created by Ann Mulhearn
  • Considered from 9 October 2023
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