Under consideration PE2056: Introduce legislation allowing Scottish Ministers to intervene on the hire of public land

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to introduce legislation providing Ministers with the power to “call in” and potentially override council decisions on the hire of public land for large scale events.

Previous action taken

My company has raised this matter with the following:

  • Council officials including the heads of land hire departments

  • Our local MSP Rona Mackay

  • Scottish Government Ministers including the Minister for Independence

  • The Scottish Government’s Director of Culture and Major Events

  • Neale Hanvey MP

  • Local councillors

  • The Scottish Land Commission

  • The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO).

We have also sought legal advice from lawyers in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and engaged our public relations company to assist in contacting the bodies referred to above. We are continually refused engagement.

Background information

Despite having a very good track record with loads of experience of delivering large scale events, my business has, since 2006, tried to hire land from councils but we have been continually refused. Reasons given have included not wanting land to be damaged, being too close to a residential area, and in one case not allowing us to book the event space in case someone else wanted to book it. When trying to address these concerns, we have been fobbed off and declined meetings, this includes several attempts to meet with the Chief Executives for Glasgow and Edinburgh City Councils.

There does not appear to any reason for local councils to behave the way they are, other than they have their own agenda, which excludes anyone they don't want to engage with.

Having spoken to other business owners, we have become aware we are not the only people this is happening to.

  • Created by Stephen Gauld
  • Considered from 23 October 2023
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